Dating 5th cousin

If more than half the people you know have "lived there all their lives" this should hold true. Keep lovin' your cousin! Use the report button instead! We're not having babies and even if we were the risk would be so low. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

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Advertisements Well, the royals did and it worked out so well for them right Personally I would not do it.

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Is okay to date your 5th cousin?

Say your town has 20, people in it. I know you put generally, but still. If it bothers you, don't tell anyone, and no one will ever know, or care. Log in or sign up in seconds. Well, it's an issue for you so maybe some of that weirdness will always persist, but it shouldn't have been that weird to begin with. No one needs those kinds of people in their life anyway.

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dating 5th cousin
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dating 5th cousin
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